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Uncovering Viña el Rosal: Emilia's Roots

Founded in 1999 at the heart of the Casablanca Valley, Viña el Rosal is one of the pioneering wineries in the region. It draws its name from the lush rose gardens that adorn its surroundings. Originally established by American entrepreneur William Cole with the vision of producing high-quality wines, the winery was strategically located in this area following Cole's extensive exploration of notable valleys in Chile and Argentina. Today, the Weinstein family owns the winery, overseeing a diverse portfolio of wine ventures spanning Chile, Argentina, and Italy.

At Viña el Rosal, our primary goal is to consistently provide high-quality products at a great price year after year. To reach this objective, we have improved our processes. Our dedication goes beyond creating outstanding wines to doing so responsibly and sustainably. We are confident that exceptional wines can be made while caring for the environment and benefiting our community. Remaining abreast of advancements in viticulture and winemaking technologies and techniques is our top priority. We diligently explore these innovations each year to refine and elevate our offerings. We advocate for continuous learning rather than settling for the status quo, fostering a culture of ongoing improvement across all facets of our operations.

In 2022, Viña El Rosal embarked on a significant journey towards sustainability by deciding to transition its Casablanca Valley fields to organic farming. This strategic move not only demonstrates the vineyard's commitment to environmental stewardship but also signifies a shift towards producing wines that are not only of high quality but also environmentally friendly. The decision to convert its wines to organic production in the region is a testament to Viña El Rosal's dedication to responsible agricultural practices. The process of transitioning to organic farming began with the 2024 harvest and is expected to culminate with the 2027 harvest, which will mark a significant milestone for the vineyard as it achieves its first entirely organic harvest. This transition period is crucial as it allows the vineyard to implement the necessary changes gradually and ensures that the organic certification it receives is well-deserved. By discontinuing the use of pesticides and opting for organic substances to protect the vineyard and its surroundings, Viña El Rosal is not only safeguarding the environment but also promoting biodiversity and soil health in the Casablanca Valley. The decision to pursue organic certification for its wines originating from this region further underscores the vineyard's commitment to sustainable practices.

In addition to transitioning to organic farming, Viña El Rosal also made the strategic decision in 2023 to pursue certification under the Wines of Chile Sustainability Code. This certification, which the vineyard aims to achieve by 2024, encompasses a comprehensive set of criteria that address various aspects of sustainability in the wine industry. From field and vineyard practices to social responsibility towards the community and environment, as well as sustainable winery processes, this certification reflects Viña El Rosal's holistic approach to sustainability.

Our business relies heavily on our partners, who trust us with their confidence. To reciprocate this trust, we must provide top-notch products and exceptional, personalized service. It is essential that we maintain excellent customer interactions that align with their expectations and requirements. The quality of our wines plays a significant role in fostering long-term partnerships with our importers. Our winemakers are crucial in upholding these partnerships, as they are deeply passionate and dedicated to their craft, which is evident in the quality of our products. Rather than pursuing accolades, we value winemakers who prioritize continuous growth and self-improvement.

Key qualities we seek in winemakers include:

1) Passion for Winemaking: A genuine love for winemaking is essential, as we aim to infuse each bottle with this passion.

2) Continuous Improvement: We look for winemakers dedicated to consistently improving and exceeding their skills.

3) Adaptability: The capacity to adapt to the challenges of each harvest and consistently deliver results is a crucial attribute we seek in our winemakers.

Sambula Imports has established a partnership with Viña el Rosal, a well-known winery recognized for its premium wines. This joint effort enables Sambula Imports to present a distinctive range of wines to its customers, highlighting the skill and commitment of both entities in crafting and offering outstanding wine.

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