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Sambula Imports, founded in 2022 by Zacarias Sambula Jr. was established after spending three years stationed in Chile as part of a military foreign exchange program with the Chilean Marine Corps.

During his time in Chile, Zacarias had the opportunity to experience the country's vibrant culture and discover some unique wines that he believed had great potential to appeal to U.S. markets. Inspired by his experiences and fueled by his entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to create Sambula Imports as a way to bring fine wines to a U.S. audience. With his firsthand knowledge of the Chilean market and the connections he made during his military service, Zacarias Sambula Jr. was able to establish partnerships with local producers and manufacturers. These collaborations allowed Sambula Imports to source high-quality and unique wines directly from Chile. Since its inception, Sambula Imports has been dedicated to promoting and distributing Chilean wines in the U.S. market. Whether it's wines from the lush vineyards of Casablanca, Maipo, or Maule Valley, our efforts have allowed people from various parts of the U.S. to experience the beauty and flavors of Chilean culture without having to physically travel there. With each product they introduce to the market, Sambula Imports continues to promote and celebrate the rich heritage and diversity of Chile.


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