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First and foremost...

Updated: Feb 18

As we celebrate our eighth month of operation, we want to express our sincere appreciation for the incredible support we have received from each of you. At Sambula Imports, we have been on a mission to introduce the captivating flavors and cultural heritage of Chilean and Argentinean wines to the world. To

witness your unwavering enthusiasm and trust in our brand has been nothing short of humbling.

We also want to extend our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated followers who have enthusiastically engaged with our brand across various platforms. Thank you for being a part of our journey and sharing our passion. Beyond our valued customers and followers, we would

like to acknowledge and appreciate the collaborative partnerships we have cultivated within the wine industry. From the talented individuals in the vineyards and wineries of Chile and Argentina.

Reflecting on the past eight months, we recognize that

it has not been without its challenges. Yet, with your

unwavering support and resilience, we have been able

to overcome these obstacles together. We are proud to

have been a source of joy, comfort, and celebration

during these uncertain times.

As we embark on the future, our commitment remains

steadfast. We are dedicated to expanding our offerings,

exploring new vineyards and terroirs, and nurturing

relationships with wineries known for their dedication

to excellence. Our aim is to continue delighting your

senses with a diverse range of wines that embody the

unique essence of South American winemaking.

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